Our company was established in 2003 and we are based in Pretoria in the Gauteng Province of South Africa.

Started by three archaeologists with a vision to change the way heritage management is practiced, PGS has evolved in to an industry leading heritage management company that changed the way grave relocation projects are executed.

The past 15 years saw PGS evolving from the core partners to a vibrant and qualified team of specialist and associates providing a turnkey solution within the African continent continuously striving to improve our service offering through the incorporation of technology and continued education.


We aim to:

Provide an effective ‘business to business’ service to clients that will ensure the legality, success and scheduled conclusion of each project through professionalism, transparency and integrity.

To preserve the cultural environment for future generations by rendering a comprehensive service to those who have an impact on the environment through their operations and to protect the interests of the occupants of the land.

To be loyal and supportive of our mission, to be custodians of our precious heritage through the practice of sustainable development and site-specific standards and wealth creation principals. We can only accomplish this if we are loyal and open to our fellow workers and clients.


To act in a facilitative capacity between developers and the relative legislation as well as statutory bodies protecting cultural and archaeological resources.

To act on behalf of the client and communicate with the relevant communities and the next of kin affected by developments.

To determine viable relocation options, as well as helping and planning the relocation of the graves in accordance with the legislation of the local government.

The execution of all heritage studies in accordance with recognised and scientific principles.

To plan and execute every project to protect the interest of families, communities and clients alike.

To operate our business in an environmentally friendly manner.


To render a professional service, adhering to laws and legislation, while recognising that these services are sensitive to authorities and clients and emotional to communities and families, and to complete a project with minimal disruption to everyone involved.


Compassion – we practice compassion in our daily business to bring contentment to our clients and everybody that is affected by our business.

Client dedication – understanding clients’ needs, embracing their challenges and offering the best solutions to build trust and strong relationships.

Innovation – consistently striving to improve ourselves through training and staying abreast of the latest developments in our field. Sharing
new ideas and knowledge with our clients, while welcoming change.

Profitability – striving to maintain healthy profits to invest in quality people and processes, but not to the expense of others.

Integrity – to conduct our work through respect and fairness, to be unbiased and driven and to keep clients and stakeholders’ interest in mind.


We work according to a business and personal ethic of responsibility, honesty, trust, respect and transparency. We have a strong core team of individuals with diverse expertise that enable us to focus our attention on project based issues, while the internal management of the company is handled optimally. We have a common purpose and work towards the same goals. We include our whole team in the execution of projects and make use of specialists to assist us with technical detail if necessary.


We endorse the South African Government’s Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) initiative. We believe in equal opportunities and to uplift the poor and disadvantaged. PGS Heritage is a Level Four BBBEE independently rated enterprise.


At PGS we believe in social responsibility and we direct our initiatives towards the communities we work in. We also believe that it should be a non-negotiable aspect of the social development of our country. PGS is involved in the following social responsibility initiatives:

We employ local labour with large scale projects as is seen in the Emalahleni, Cederberg and Nelson Mandela Metro Municipal and Mokhotlong (Lesotho) areas;
All our professional activities are community based and we pride ourselves in our on-going involvement with affected families and other stakeholders through our projects